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Local Ghost Walk

Talking about my walk around some local haunted spots :)

Urban Fantasy

My thoughts, opinions, favorites, and recommendations for Urban Fantasy books, movies, and tv :)

My thoughts and experiences in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown :)


Fantasy books, a little bit of fantasy movies, and my Lord of the Rings adventure in New Zealand :)

Stories Told By The Fire

Me reading a chapter of Over the River, Isles and West book one.

Answering some reader questions and an update on the status of my books :)


My thoughts, opinions and favorites on werewolves, cat shifters, legends and myths. 

Witches and Wicca

A few of my thoughts and recommendations about witches and Wicca :)

Ghost Investigations

Answering some listener questions as well as my opinions (from my experiences) on ghost investigations. Also, book recommendations and some of my favorite movies/tv shows that invo...

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