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Flash Fic Horror #1

A new series of creepy flash fiction I'm starting :)

Horror Movie Memories

Just babbling about a horror movie marathon and what I'd like to see in horror movies in the future :)

Just a short recap of another year around the sun and what's coming up :)

Jumping Timelines

Where I ramble on about jumping timelines and parallel universes :) 

A short episode wherein I talk about not listening to my guides and they yelled at me when I finally did :)

Ricker Basin: Part Two

I took a solo trip back to the ghost town and it's still as active as ever!

These Woods Are Haunted?

My latest ghostly adventure. Where a simple walk in the woods turned paranormal rather quickly!

Awakened by the Ghost

My latest paranormal encounter and the rise in paranormal/supernatural occurrences. 

My opinion on the new Conjuring movie and my love of 80s horror :) Plus, a few author tidbits.

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