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A rambling podcast about dragon myths, books, movies, and tv :)

The Catch Up Episode

Author news, paranormal news, and catching up :)

Halloween 2020

Stories by the Fire, Tarot, and a little Halloween talk :) 

Spooky Season

What I'm currently watching, reading, and waiting for this spooky season as well as a Story Told By the Fire (Beesville Massacre edition) :)

Some news about upcoming book releases as well as some ghost and tarot news.

My hike through the ghost town of Ricker Basin, in Waterbury, VT.

Lake Monsters & Cryptids

Lake Monsters...and other Vermont cryptids :)

Salt & Iron Release

A special podcast on my newest release, Salt and Iron, as well as the Crossing the Veil StoryBundle.

Talking about my tarot decks, new releases and what's coming down the pipe, as well as sharing a Tumblr prompt I wrote and doing a one-card tarot read :)

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